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Hola! Ohayo! Bonjour! And Hello!

I am Andrew Joshua Talon, and this is, quite simply, my site. Given how unpredictable FF.Net is, I have chosen to set up camp here. Hope you enjoy!

What's New? I'll Tell You!
9-4-02: Hooray hooray! I updated! Check the links and fanfiction section! Erm... okay so it's not much, but it's better than nothing...

8-26-02: I added some more fanart! Alas, some of it just won't show up! I've got to find out why! Oh well, enjoy!

8-22-02: Moving in day. I hope to have at least some of my fanfictions up by the end of next week. Please, bear with me.

Spiffy Tenchi-pic, ne? Look below for a pic of three of my favorite ladies in the Universe.

Any fanfiction authors/esses who wish to have their work posted, please by all means ask! In addition, I will also accept fanart in the "Photos Section".

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