AJ Talon

(Like anyone would want to know about me -_-)

Hola! This is supposed to be my site about me. Well... Here goes...

I'm 16 years old, my birthday is on March 5th, I love anime, I enjoy poetry, philosophy, history, science and paranormal subjects, I like to bike, hike, swim and whitewater raft, and enjoy drawing (though I suck at it -_-*), talking with my friends, and skiing. THat's about it. My mom died when I was eight years old, so I live with my crazy and intelligent dad and my equally intelligent but completely evil little brother. That about does it.

My favorite animes are Gundam Wing, Digimon, Oh My Goddess!, Love Hina, Tenchi Muyo! and Cowboy Bebop.

So, that's it!

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Favorite Links