AJ Talon

Fanart of all-Erm, all feminine shapes, heh.

THis is home to the numerous fanarts I've collected over the years across the Net. Note: I said COLLECTED. None of these were done by me! I can barely draw a stick figure, okay? If you are one of the artists unknowingly featured here, please don't be mad. I just liked your work and wanted to display it. So, just contact me if you want your work to be taken down or your name added, as I don't remember most of who did these awesome pics. Anyway, here we are.

I freely admit that I love the ladies of Anime far more than the males. Don't give me that look! I'm straight! Anyway, not only are these my favorite pics, but of my favorite anime gals. Enjoy: I always do.

Relena-Angel of Peace

AC 191 Sally, Une and Noin
Tsunami, the Jurian Starship (insert maniacal laughter here)

Another Aeka Pic
Aeka in her Stasis Gear

Tsunami in the Spring
Marimaya and Lady Une (gotta love em! ^_^)

Twin Aekas
Kiyone in a formal Chinese Dress (drools)

Relena With Bear
Relena looking VERY Good...

For some odd reason, this pic shows up twice. I'll try to fix this little problem with my site...
Relena with her bird (who is in the cage leaves one to wonder, ne?)

Kiyone in Casual (though she looks good either way ^_^)
Tsunami and Ryo-Ohki

The Only Pic I've done myself. Not TOO bad...

Relena Goes Gundam Pilot (grin)

Keitaro did Something Stupid... Again. Hang In there, Buddy! Nice guys will make it!
Naru May Not be my Favorite LH Character (always beating up Keitaro and all) but she is cool! And cute too! Er, uh oh. No wait! Naru-chan, I can explain! I- POW! ... Ouch...

Mutsumi-chan (drool) My Favorite LH Character!
Naru-chan and Shinobu-chan. Oh wow, this is almost too kawaii for words! Naru and Shinobu are so cute and cuddly-ACK! Please Naru-chan, let me ex- POW! ... I think she needs to be put on a regular prescription for Midol... POW! Ouch.

THis one shows up twice too. Hm...

Lady Achika in Gym Clothes ^_^