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Second page! I ran out of room...


Mutsumi cosplaying as that guy from Tekken 3! She's so cute!
Motoko in Pink

Motoko in a cute yet fearsome outfit! Wow! She looks so kawaii! ... I think I'll go make out my will now, as the last thing I'm going to hear after Motoko sees this is "FUUKENZAN!"

Mutsumi-chan and Naru-chan

Aw... It's so kawaii! I think I'll go get some insulin now...
Three Students Going to Toudai

Heh, don't all three look cute together? Go you Keitaro! Go get your Naru-chan! Or Mutsumi-chan!
Or hell, why not both ^_^
I know, I'm a hentai. ACK! Naru-chan, please put down the book bag! I didn't- POW!
... Owies...

Naru-chan In a Leaf Bikini! .... Oh my...

OH WOW! Er, oh dear... I think I need to get to the blood bank now... Losing consciousness... ARGH! Naru-chan! Please, I swear I only thought good thin- POW!
... We've got to stop meeting like this, she and I...
Card Captor Narusegawa!

Very kawaii, ne? I wonder if she'd wear any of the 'other' Sakura outfits, heh.
AH! I'm sorry Naru-chan! Don't- POW!
... She's very good with that staff...